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Outreach efforts at NMSU help to extend our expertise in research teaching, and the development of our resources with communities throughout New Mexico and the world. NMSU Extension provides the people of New Mexico with practical, research-based knowledge and programs to improve their quality of life.

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33 counties

NMSU has a presence in each of the state's counties through the Cooperative Extension Service.

Online Resources

Students work together in the Learning Games Lab.

The Learning Games Lab

The Learning Games Lab, part of Media Productions, specializes in designing and testing educational tools. Research-based educational games and interactives address math and science education, food safety, ATV safety, horse handling, and provides resources for food service workers, laboratory workers, and Chinese-language speakers.

An iPad is used to display a selection of extension education eBooks.

Publications & Videos

Cooperative Extension Service (CES) and Agricultural Experiment Station (AES) Publications provide practical, research-based information to help improve your life. They are available in HTML, PDF, and eBook formats for viewing on a wide variety of devices. Media Productions has produced hundreds of educational videos and documentaries on a wide range of topics.

Phacelia Crenulata

Desert Blooms

New Mexico's gardens and landscapes can thrive anywhere, from our high snowy mountain peaks to our hot desert plains. NMSU's Extension and research programs can help you learn how to use your resources to create the ideal garden or landscape environment perfectly suited to your lifestyle with a plant selector database and app, how-to videos, and numerous gardening columns.